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Nestled in Sydneys Sutherland Shire, Colonics Sydney is a Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxification Clinic to suit your health and detoxification needs. Using the highly regarded Gravity Colonic System you are guaranteed a colonic like no other. There are only a handful of clinics in the world who use this particular system, and for good reason - it is a safe and effective method of Colon Hydrotherapy! (You can read about the process here).

The system allows for a simultaneous in-out flow of water, which means your colon WON'T BE FILLED WITH WATER in order to release toxins, instead, Peristalsis (the muscular contractions throughout your digestive tract) is activated, allowing for a natural release of toxins, rather than forced. There is no odour or mess, and all waste goes directly to the sewer. At Colonics Sydney, we pride ourselves on hygiene, safety and professionalism. 


A therapist is with you the entire time, administering the treatment and massaging the abdominal area. With a highly trained Colon Therapist present, you can relax and receive your treatment at ease! During this time you can seek advice on a wealth of health areas. 


The clinic is welcoming and comfortable.


We look forward to seeing you.

About Jaya

Owner of Colonics Sydney and Colon Therapist, Jaya Taki


I was first introduced to Colon Hydrotherapy after my brother was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 when he was only 28 years old. It was from here that I started to unearth the impact unhealthy foods, inherent toxins, chemicals and emotions truly have on our bodies, especially our insides. As I delved into research I started to read more about "Gut Health" and I personally started having colonics as part of my health path as I suffered from digestive issues (IBS). Through dietary protocols, colonics and commitment, I have since healed my gut and regained vitality! Because "No Fill" Gravity Colonics transformed my life, I wanted to make it my career - and I did just that!

I have been working as a Colon Therapist for over 6 years gaining a wealth of clinical experience, technique and I am always keeping up to date with the latest research in the field of gut health. I do pride myself on my sought after service, my reputation in the field of natural health and my commitment to my clients.


I never take my profession for granted and I am so grateful to play my part in someones health journey whether it be for digestive issues such as bloating and constipation, an array of ailments and illnesses and/or those who use colonics for disease prevention and overall wellness.

I am the founder of the "Healthy Inside-Out" school and youth education program. The program teaches the importance of holistic health focusing on nutrition and fitness and I am also one half of The Gut Warriors and tour the country with my Gut Health Seminars alongside Fermenting Australia's Sammi Zajko. 

As you can see, healthy lifestyles is my passion but on my days off you'll find me with my beautiful daughter donning the "dance mum" hat with pride!

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