Meet our Colon Therapists

Owner of Colonics Sydney and Colon Therapist, Jaya Taki

Jaya was first introduced to Colon Hydrotherapy after her brother was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 when he was only 28 years old. It was from here that she started to unearth the impact unhealthy foods, inherent toxins, chemicals and emotions truly have on our bodies, especially our insides. As she delved into research she personally started having colonics as part of her health path as she suffered from digestive issues (Diagnosed IBS and Leaky Gut). Through dietary protocols, colonics and commitment, she has since healed her gut and regained vitality! Because Gravity Colonics transformed her life Jaya wanted to make it her career - and she did just that!

Jaya has been working as a Colon Therapist for over 7.5 years gaining a wealth of clinical experience, technique and is always keeping up to date with the latest research in the field of gut health. Jaya prides herself on her sought after service, reputation in the field of natural health and commitment to her extensive database of clients.


Never taking her profession for granted, she is so grateful to play her part in someones health journey whether it be for digestive issues such as bloating and constipation, an array of ailments and illnesses and/or those who use colonics for disease prevention and overall wellness.

Jaya is also the founder of the "Healthy Inside-Out" school and youth education program. The program teaches the importance of holistic health focusing on nutrition and fitness. Jaya has also travelled the country with her often sold out Gut Health seminars, is featured on many podcasts, magazines, media and online Mentoring programs.

Instagram: @jaya_taki

Colon Therapist, Eleni Ioakimidis

Eleni first started having colonics at the age of 20 to aid her body with adult acne, and after seeing the benefits after only her first 3 treatments, she was hooked!

Studying a Bachelor of Science with a major in Nutrition and Health Science at the time, she became obsessed with studying the gut/brain connection and how so many of our health issues start within the gut.  

As she learnt more about our body’s most under-rated organ, colonics became a regular part of her own holistic health journey as well as good food, regular exercise and quality dietary supplements.  


After her own success with colonics Eleni wanted her family and friends to understand how beneficial they could be to their own health. Coming from two cultures that have always over-indulged in rich foods, social drinking and toxic environmental substances, she used to hear constant complaints of gut intolerances and issues. Eleni began to educate those she loved in what she had learnt and applied in-regards to her own gut health and can happily say that many in her family have started, and also maintained their own amazing gut healing journeys.  


Becoming a part of the team at Colonics Sydney was very much in the hands of the Universe itself, Eleni had been made redundant from her high stress, corporate job and she was then able to assist Jaya in-clinic on a weekly basis, studied and became a fully qualified Colon Therapist and have had the privilege of meeting and now treating her amazing clients, not to mention learning from one the best in the business.  

Instagram: @elenimariie


We both look forward to seeing you all in clinic.