what others are saying about colonics sydney

"I was so nervous about getting my first colonic, but Jaya instantly made me feel so comfortable. She was so amazing to talk to, and she talked me through the entire colonic and explained what was happening, helped me breathe through when I could feel my body going through the massive detox and had me laughing the entire time. When we weren't talking about how amazing the colonic was, we were chatting, laughing, crying.. Jaya is an amazing conversationalist and all round a pretty awesome person if I'm honest! I highly, highly recommend her for her colonics, I'll never go anywhere else! She's the best! - Amy

"My friend got me onto Jaya and although I'm open minded I was so anxious about going for my first colonic! But when I got there it was instantly like catching up with an old friend I felt so comfortable, the whole colonic was explained to me and I had a great understanding of what was happening. I felt great coming out of there and for the next few weeks I really felt the difference - everyone is different but my advice is to try it! Speak with Jaya with any concerns. You won't find someone with more knowledge" - Kayla 

"Jaya was amazing and so careful and patient! I was so nervous about my colonic as I had a bad experience a few years back (it was the fill your colon with water system) and I was petrified to try it again. I was instantly put at ease and I felt absolutely amazing after it! No headaches, no pain, nothing. I felt so light and energised. I wouldn't do my colonic with anyone else now - thank you Jaya." Ana

"I have been having colonics with Jaya for a few years now…as often as I can get to her! I firstly had a series of colonics as part of a week-long juice fast that I was doing. I had never felt better, clearer or lighter. I specialise in nutrition and gut health, so Jaya and I had a lot to talk about while I was on the colonic table…and our friendship was cemented from my first colonic! We have since gone on to form an amazing business collaboration together, touring across the state, teaching all about gut health. Jaya is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, non-judgemental and pretty funny too! She makes you feel so comfortable with what could be a challenging experience for many people. I would recommend Jaya’s colonics to anyone. She is professional and kind, and her colonics are just incredible. My son has had ongoing issues with a parasite, Dientamoeba fragilis. We had been doing an on-going gut healing and nutritional protocol with him to try to resolve it. The final thing that actually made a HUGE difference to his tummy problems and bowel movements, was a colonic with Jaya. She made my 8 year old feel very safe and comfortable…and after one single colonic with her, he has been feeling SO much better! Thank you, Jaya!" Sammi