Colon Hydrotherapy FAQ's

Here you will find all of the relevant information regarding the Woods-Gravity method of Colon Hydrotherapy - please contact us if you still require more information.

Why do we need colonics and what are the benefits?

The benefits of Gravity colonics are almost endless! We use a very particular method called "Woods Gravity" where we DO NOT FILL THE COLON WITH WATER - a unique way to have a colonic. Through this method you will cleanse the colon of built up waste, decrease bloating, rehabilitate the colons natural muscular movement, hydrate the body, and colonics may provide disease prevention as we acknowledge that “All disease begins in the gut!” (Hippocrates). 


Colonics are highly recommended if you suffer from: constipation, IBS and Digestive issues such as Candida Overgrowth, SIBO and Leaky gut, bloating, inflammation, migraines and headaches, fatigue, autoimmune conditions, problematic skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne and thrush, hormone imbalances, food intolerances, a weakened immune system, bad breath, body odour, brain fog and so much more. In the short term, colonics provide relief from gas and gas pain, decrease bloating, help with mental and emotional releasing, decreased inflammation of both the gut and skin and is a great addition to your health and wellness/detoxification journey. 

Colonics are for so many people, at various stages of your life and health path.

What is the process of getting a colonic?

At Colonics Sydney the process of getting a colonic is simple, hygienic and can be surprisingly comfortable.


We ask you fast from eating food for 3 hours and liquids 1 hour before your treatment. Upon arrival you will fill out a New Client Form and your Therapist will then analyse and consult with you. You will then be taken into the treatment room and thoroughly explained the procedure so you have an understanding of how the system works. The Therapist will leave the room and you will be asked to remove your clothing from the waist down (however you will be fully covered with disposable towelling). You will then lie on the bed. Once you are ready your Therapist will enter the room to begin the treatment. The therapist has clean hands and will wear disposable gloves and a disposable apron and will prepare the workspace. An instrument called a speculum is lubricated and gently inserted into the rectum - THIS DOES NOT, AND SHOULD NOT HURT. At Colonics Sydney we use single-use (disposable), TGA approved equipment which is collected and disposed of by an outsourced waste disposal service as per NSW Health requirements.


Once inserted, the water tube and waste tube are connected to the speculum. You are then covered up again completely - this process takes SECONDS. The water is then released down the water tube which does not generate enough pressure to travel into the colon, instead making it only to the rectum where it simultaneously exits through the waste tube and, through clever technique by the Therapist, the muscular contractions of the colon (called Peristalsis) are activated. The Therapist will gently massage your abdominal area when necessary and facilitates and controls the entire process so you can relax and trust you are being well looked after. The treatment is approximately 45 minutes and during that time you can converse about lifestyle, health and gut issues.


It is imperative to mention again that the colonic will not hurt though some discomfort in the gut may arise (which is a good thing - that means you are detoxing!), the treatment is fully facilitated by a highly experienced and qualified Therapist and we take pride in our extremely high hygiene standards. Though Colonics are considered an alternative health treatment, we give you a professional clinical experience with the comfort of a holistic setting.

Colonics Sydney has a high client return rate due to the highly regarded service we provide. 

What is the difference between Woods Gravity colonics and others?

There are many different types of colonic systems with the general consensus that the colon is filled with water in order to release waste. At Colonics Sydney, the colon is not filled with water, instead activating peristalsis, the muscular contractions of the digestive system, to stimulate a natural bowel movement and release waste. We use filtered gravity fed water that does not accumulate enough pressure to fill your entire colon and this is the main difference. The Woods Gravity method is safe, effective, comfortable and gentle, whilst stimulating muscle memory of the colon and keeping the delicate mucosal lining intact.

Are colonics dangerous?

No, colonics are not dangerous. The Colon Hydrotherapy Industry is bound by strict legislation and regulations that Colonics Sydney is proud to adhere to. Your safety is our priority at ALL times. If you feel uncomfortable at any time you are welcome to stop the treatment. 

Do colonics hurt?

Whilst we acknowledge everyone experiences the treatment in their own unique way, generally colonics at Colonics Sydney do not hurt, however periodic mild cramping can be experienced. At no point should your rectum hurt. Please remember a highly experienced Colon Therapist will be with you the entire time.

How long does it take?

45-60 minutes (though it doesn't always go as long). Please allow 60 minutes for your booking.

How much is a session?

$125 per treatment

(larger packages can be purchased at a discounted rate, click here for more details).

How many colonics do I need?

This is the most frequently asked question that does not have a specific answer, however it is wise to know that a colonic will never be a “one off” or “quick fix”. We do not give treatment plans until you have had your first colonic but do be prepared to book in another colonic shortly after as advised by your therapist as usually more are needed at first (don't panic - we are very relaxed here and will not push you in to any decisions you are not comfortable with). Due to the high demand of the clinic you may want to book in your second colonic within a fortnight.


Cleaning your colon regularly that suits your budget and lifestyle is the biggest factor in your health and wellness path. 


For optimal health, and if you have constipation, constant bloating, digestive issues or any other debilitating condition, a series of colonics or ongoing treatment is necessary and recommended - possibly weekly.


The colon is constantly overburdened with toxins regardless of how healthy we eat and how much exercise we do. We absorb copious amounts of toxicity through many avenues such as pollution absorption, food, water, chemicals we put on our hair, skin and nails and what may come as surprise to some, emotional toxicity, for example, stress. This is why we must regularly cleanse the colon. 

To make colon cleansing more accessible Colonics Sydney offers Zip - Interest Free Repayment Plans and Afterpay. For more details head to Zip's Website here. 

Afterpay can be found here.

Colonics Sydney also offers packages at a reduced price - check out the details here.

I'm constipated - should I consider colonics?

Constipation is one of the main reasons people seek Colon Hydrotherapy. Woods Gravity colonics, in our opinion are the BEST treatment for constipation. Personally (Jaya/Owner speaking) in my years of clinical experience there is nothing more effective than a colonic to relieve fecal impaction. It is possible that the colon is blocked by hardened stools making it difficult to release solids and gas. It is also my personal observation that colonics are far more effective than laxatives. 

Aren't laxatives just as effective?

Nope! Laxatives do not seek to resolve the underlying gut issues causing constipation and can in fact contribute to constipation. Laxatives need water to work effectively which means stripping you of water and continuing the cycle of constipation (often dehydration and chronic dehydration is a main component of constipation).

I have daily bowel movements, is there any point in having a colonic?

Yes! It is a misconception that having daily (even multiple) bowel movements means you do not benefit from a colonic. Just because you have a daily bowel movement does not mean the stool is healthy and remember - we absorb toxins left, right and centre, all day, everyday. Also, consider a toothpaste tube - even though you eventually squeeze most of the paste out, the tube will still have toothpaste left inside, stuck to the walls which will eventually harden and will never come out - this happens to your colon too. Colonics aren't just for the bowel either, they work wonderfully for your mental health, gas reduction, toxin reduction, skin inflammation - the list goes one!

Will colonics reduce bloating?

Yes they can. Woods Gravity Colonics can release solid waste and gas which reduces bloating. For those with chronic bloating, we have a wealth of advice to help you understand what can cause bloating and what simple lifestyle changes can be made to help reduce the discomfort.

Will I start to rely on colonics?

At Colonics Sydney, we use the Woods Gravity method of Colon Hydrotherapy WITHOUT FILLING THE COLON WITH WATER. This method uses no machines, pumps or pressurised water. By using this unique method, we activate peristalsis, the muscular contractions that take place in the digestive tract. By regularly cleansing your colon with this method, you are strengthening and rehabilitating your colon. A stronger colon means more bowel movements due to strengthened peristalsis.

How can I expect to feel after a colonic?

This varies from person to person, colonic to colonic and we suggest coming in without specific expectations that we can not manage. With that said you may feel energetic, less bloated, light and mentally clear and most people feel great afterwards. Colonics can also have a cathartic effect. Some people may become fatigued afterwards if the colonic was intense, if this is the case, we recommend heading home and relaxing. Each colonic can yield different results

Do Males get colonics?


Is there a weight limit?

Our bed holds up to 200kg.

Who can't get a colonic?

If you have had recent abdominal and pelvic surgery including a C-Section birth or weight loss surgery, it is advised to wait 12 weeks until you can have a colonic. We regrettably and unfortunately can not treat anyone with Crohn's disease, Diverticulitis, Ulcerative colitis, kidney problems, Heart problems, active chemotherapy, colon cancer, colectomy, bowel perforation, bowel re-sectioning and if you're pregnant and have not had colonics previous to falling pregnant. We DO NOT treat children or very elderly people (over the age of 90). If you have a specific illness or injury it is best to call beforehand to discuss. 

Do I lose weight during a colonic?

Colonics contribute to reducing inflammation but are not an instant weight loss treatment or gimmick. Consistent treatments will help to balance the microbiome which contributes to a better metabolism however you will be disappointed if you want to use this as a quick-fix weight loss method.

Can I have a colonic if I have my period?

Yes you can, as long as you wear a tampon or menstrual cup. As we use only disposable equipment this will pose no health or hygiene risks.

Can I have a colonic if I am taking medication?

Colonics typically do not interfere with any medication nor are there contraindications. This includes antibiotics.

Can children have colonics?

We do not treat children at Colonics Sydney.

Can I have a colonic if I'm pregnant?

Though Woods Gravity Colonics are safe and effective, we do not introduce colonics during pregnancy. Existing clients may be seen at our discretion.

Will you remove good bacteria from my gut?

Regardless of what type of colonic you have, it is an exaggeration that colonics remove all of your good bacteria. Friendly bacteria like to nestle in the mucous lining of the colon and aren’t always easily budged. You can flush out overgrowths of bad bacteria though, which is necessary to avoid an imbalance. We encourage a lifestyle in which you ensure you are consuming good sources of bacteria with our suggested range of probiotics and fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kvass, and in some instances, kombucha.


What should I eat after a colonic?

We suggest you wait an hour after your treatment before eating, to allow your body to rejuvenate before undergoing digestion again. Please avoid alcohol, sugar and processed foods as they can cause inflammation. Bone broth, soup, or a simple meal of protein and salad/cooked vegetables is a good choice after a colonic but do listen to your body - eat only if you're hungry. Remember to drink plenty of filtered water too.

Can I resume normal activities?

Absolutely! You are scheduled in for a 45min time slot, which gives plenty of time to fully release and return to your day as normal. 

Disclaimer: All advice is general in nature and it should not take place of medical advice or treatment.


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